Место для отдыха, веселья, самоуверенных дискуссий. You can think of this place, like a living museum of human art of questioning, solving and executing -- here you can find people's quests, ideas and activities, where you can come to add a little piece by piece for others to see, marvel, reflect, and act upon.

When to use it?

  1. When you have a problem, that needs new ideas.
    Write a question (a problem domain, a class of goals), and share with our community of innovators.
  2. When you have a bright idea, but don't have whom to consult about it.
    Write an idea (a novel method or principle), and share with our community of critics.
  3. When you have a favorite project, which you want to turn into a profession.
    Write a project (a group of people with works and a mission), and share with our community of investors.

    Publish intermediary work results and expenses, and find mates, sponsors and investors to match or exceed them.

How Do I Write Categories? (=Questions)

Think of what you'd want, and if it is not in categories, describe it!

For example: "Artificial Meat", "Eco-Friendly Bags," "Flying Carpets," "Economic System That Frees Humanity from Unncessary Suffering and Pain."

Use wishful thinking, "wouldn't it be nice if?," and similar ways of thinking to come up with categories.

How Do I Write Ideas? (=Answers)

Think -- how would one actually do it? Found it? Describe how it would work!

For example: "Calf Serum Meat" - "Take an edible scaffold instead of petri dish, introduce newborn calf serum and myoblasts. Enjoy the fresh and cheap calf meat." (details follow)

Be specific and prescriptive. Remember -- "ideas are answers, not questions," and people here expect answers. So, do not add any questions to the Idea text.

Let others have the joy of questioning and bullet-proofing your idea with their imaginations, if what you are proposing is something really new and workable.

NB: Don't be afraid to write ideas, as long as you believe it they are even remotely workable, -- do it -- describe it, and let the community test the hypothesis through everyone's knowledge and thought experiments.

How to Write Projects? (=Progress)

Started to work on something? Write project to share status updates, investment, and business mechanics.

Describe your team, add business details of the project, and then gradually return to share your progress, results, costs and expenses.

You may be tempted to describe the idea right inside the project description. Avoid doing so. Link ideas, and describe the mission instead.

See the "Help" for more.


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