Universal Beehive Cell-like Capsule-Hotel-like Car Connectable into Buildings and Spaces


This would be a beehive cell-like lightweight universal structure that can easily replace its wheels with any thing -- propellers, robotic arms, rocket engines, hooks for riding a mountain elevator, etc. It would be a versatile structure that lets human body be serviced/repaired in semi-automated ways, by going through specialized pipelines.

The air inside would be filtered, and the capsules could refill with food packages of diverse kind. All that people who live in these capsules would need, is water and electricity supply.

No ordinary buildings, no ordinary cars. Office, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and much more in one.


(1) Transparent ceiling, so we can see the stars at night,
(2) Special doors to connect other capsules to form more space,
(3) Wheels, so we can drive it like a car,
(4) A weight mechanism, so we can change the position of the capsule (for example, by retracting the wheels) (upright or horizontal), and use clean windows to become city navigators, with fresh filtered air, and driving like a Segway,
(5) Expandable table to become an office,
(6) Hydrophobic nanoparticle surfaces to keep the interior dry, so we can shower,
(7) Air conditioning and air filtration,
(8) Waterproofness, so we can use it as a boat or submarine through a lake or ocean,
(9) Robotic arms and tools mounting system, so we can do extra field work (such as dangerous, particularly delicate)
(10) Standard interface to get enough water and electricity to link with the sites or autonomously pump from natural deposits like lakes,
(11) Wireless and satellite Internet comms to keep connected
(12) Aerogel insulators for walls, which can adapt to extreme environments, such as the polar regions,
(13) Special exercise pedals, so travelers can exercise to maintain health,
(14) Glass embedded with liquid crystals, so people can protect their privacy by changing the polarity of the current to make the glass opaque,
(15) Dehydrated food storage that can provide nutrients such as meat, coffee, etc., that can be supplemented when passing through a refuel station,
(16) Stackable parking systems in the cities of the elevator track, to get capsules be hung on the sky-scraper structures,
(17) Integrated sensors that can automatically monitor people's health and automatically drive to the nearest hospital or reduce distance to it based on health risk,
(18) Special tunnel with medical system,
(19) Embedded emergency cryogenic coolant to reduce the probability of death through automated hypothermia or cryonics,
(20) Air, water and food quality control to avoid the spread of diseases.

The idea is to address the following major risks of mankind:

  • Enabling people to work anytime anywhere
  • Ensuring people's micro-climate and mobility
  • Dealing with runaway climate change, even if it happens
  • Ensuring that people don't get bitten by mosquitoes and infected by pathogens
  • Avoiding widespread serious pandemic
  • Reducing risk from gamma ray bursts. (so we can just dive to live in the oceans, and otherwise be okay in UV).

What was not mentioned, is that in the first video, on the first phase, cutting the roofs could be combined with placing the capsules on a trailer, to making it into an on-demand capsule hotels, that can arrive like taxis.

Credits: Mindey of HalfBakery.


(не уведомлять) (Необязательно) Пожалуйста, войдите.

Это также было бы полезно для людей, которые хотят двигаться, когда они подключены к медицинским устройствам жизнеобеспечения, которые слишком велики для имплантации.

Вероятно, также было бы проще криоконсервировать людей, если бы они были в стандартных транспортных средствах.

It would also be useful for people who want to move when connected to medical life support devices that are too large to be implanted.

It would probably also be easier to cryopreserve people, if they are in standardized vehicles.

It may also be under-estimated, how many physical injuries and infections could be prevented, if people used HiveCells for life ;)

Думаю, я не упомянул, но одна из причин, по которой я считаю, что такого небольшого пространства будет достаточно, заключается в том, что он будет работать как велосипед с всенаправленной беговой дорожкой внутри, чтобы люди, которые любят ходить по дому, имели бы такую ​​возможность.

I think I haven't mentioned, but one of the reasons why I believe such a small space would be sufficient, is because it would work a bit like a bicycle with omni-directional treadmill inside, so people who like to walk around their home, would have that ability.

Можете ли вы подумать об приспособлениях, таких как самолеты и поезда, которые перемещают капсулу, а сама капсула имеет функцию самоуправляемого автомобиля, и я думаю, что это обязательная функция, которая позволяет вам свободно исследовать мир.


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Когда я понимаю, что непрерывная очистка поверхностей в Японии является гомеостатической борьбой с размножением бактерий во влажном воздухе, а не просто эстетическим предпочтением, я осознаю еще одну проблему, которую решат эти ульи-капсулы: сделать воздух континентально-климатическим. сухость внутри капсул автоматически повысит общественную гигиену.

When I realize that the incessant cleaning of surfaces in Japan is a homeostatic fight against proliferation of bacteria in humid air, rather than just an aesthetic preference, it makes me realize another problem that these hive capsules would solve: making the air continental-climate-dry inside the capsules would automatically increase the public hyghiene.